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Old 05-15-2003, 11:15 AM
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MusicMatch 8.0 Upgrade

It seems that 8.0 might be available to docking iPod owners for free, but not to owners of scrollwheel or touchwheel iPod owners.

Yet another slap in the face for Windows iPod users.

I consider 8.0 to be just a bug fix for a problematic, sloppy, unacceptable MusicMatch7.5. It is ridiculous that Musicmatch will not allow iPod owners, who undoubtedly make up a large portion of their paid customers, to continue to receive software updates.

I am now no longer recommending iPod to my friends because it seems that neither Apple nor Musicmatch is willing to support its customers with software after as little as one year of product ownership. Unbelievable.
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