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Haha, Rich I will forward Audible your post and see if they will follow your recommendation.

My recommenation is iTunes 4.6 and ONLY the Audible iTunes plug-in Instead of AudibleManager. If I were you, I would ONLY install AudibleManager 4.0 if you have a second device besides the iPod, or if you really like the automated suscription download.

For me rather than use AudibleManager, I just have my preferences set in Audible (Account setting) to email me whenenver there is a new subscription in my online library. From there, you just click on the link, download the file, and it automatically goes into iTunes in a playlist callled Audible. (this is with the plug-in).

You can have both the iTunes plug-in AND install AM 4.0 and only launch AM 4.0 specifically if and when you want to use it, but I find this unnecessary, since I don't have any other non-ipod devices.

As for the order, I'm not sure it makes any difference which you install first. But if I were gonna do it, I would install iTunes 4.6, then the iTunes plug-in and make sure I got that working. Just to keep it simple.

UPDATE 1/30/05: I'm still not sure if it makes any difference in which order you install them if you run both the complete AM software, and the iTunes Download Manager, but to be on the safe side, run the ITunes Download Manager second. If you've already done the opposite and the iTunes Downloader doesn't work, just run the iTunes Download Manager setup again.

Then later add the AM 4.0 software if you think you have some need for it. You will not miss out on any promotions from Audible by having only the iTunes plug-in. You will only give up the automated downloads and non-ipod device use.

Hope thats all clear. Just buzz back if you need anything.

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