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Yes,you can not be too careful.I got caught for $480 cdn.I purchased a Sony Clie.Thought i did all the right things.Read the feedback.Sent the seller lots of messages.Boy,was i ever stupid.No item.What the seller did was borrow somebodies feedback(Friends)The police are now charging him with fraud.I will only be happy if i hear he has gone to prison.Chance of that happening is small.I expect he will get a smack on the wrist.(This is Canada and it is a white collar crime)
I also got in touch with lots of fraud departments,ebay etc.Did anybody care?Nope.Lots of sorries but that does you get you your money back?
ebay are so big,NEVER Again.I`ll pay the extra and at least get the article.
Worst still i did not use my credit card.Had problems with Paypal.
Oh well,put it down to experience.
I do have my ipod to console me.Love it.
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