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Network problem with iTunes??

Hello -

My iTunes was working perfectly until I installed a Network Attached hard disk (Buffalo Linkstation - works great!!)

I mapped the network drive so that to iTunes the data would appear to be in the same place.

iTunes started no problem, and my library was intact.

Things went wrong though when I put my iPod in. The disk gauge at the bottom said "used 20GB, free 80GB". It took an hour to update, and when I checked there was no difference on the iPod. I have since tried reformatting the iPod and reinstalling iTunes. I still have my music library intact on the PC, but whenever I update it, it takes an hour or so, and my iPod is still blank.

The only clue I can give is that on my network, a file appeared called iTunes_control - which seams to have all my music duplicated in (it is 9GB which is the same as my music store on the PC).

Is it writing my music library to my network instead of the iPod for some reason???

Any help much appreciated.



I've just moved all my music back onto the local hard drive (albeit in a different location) and the problem persists.

Also, everytime I put my iPod in the cradle, I get the iPod Setup assistant - as if it is the first time I have synchronised my iPod on the machine.


It seems that whenever I dock my iPod, it mounts a folder in Windows explorer (I:) - even though I have not clicked (enable disk usage). drive I: happens to be the network drive also (mapped through Windows explorer. So if I dock my iPod after switching off my network, it happily sends music to the drive it's mounted - which is my iPod. But if the network is on, my PC creates an iPod_control folder on the network (drive I:) obviously foolishly thinking that that is the iPod.

So the workaround is obviously to disconnect the network mapped drives.

I have tried enabling, then disabled disk usage - but to no avail.

What's going on??? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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