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Re: Audible User's Guide for iPod

Originally posted by parannoya
Switching to iTunes 4.2 from AudibleManager
If you switch to iTunes for Windows, you will no longer need or be able to use AudibleManager to transfer to your iPod. You must use iTunes. You will stiill use AudibleManager for your downloads just as in the past, just not for iPod transfers.
As a new iPod and Audible user, I just want to highlight this part for people. I overlooked it and was *baffled* that AudibleManager couldn't recognize my iPod--until I realized that I was an idiot and AM didn't need to recognize my iPod, iTunes did. Don't try to set up your iPod in AM, even though it asks you to.

Another tip:

On a Windows 2000 Professional System, I was getting an error message when trying to import Audible files into iTunes: iTunes was trying to authenticate my Audible account and was returning an unspecified error (listed just as (-44013)).

It turns out the problem was that I was running iTunes under a non-administrator account, which was different than the administrator account I'd used to set up AudibleManager. Once I logged in as an administrator, I was able to get iTunes to recognize my Audible files.

Thanks for the tips, they've been helpful.
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