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Talk about frustrating.

I have sort of the same things going on here with my 5gig iPod but there is a little bit of a difference.

A week ago, everything was fine and all was well. I didn't use my iPod for about a week and went to charge it up and I started getting the exclamation point/folder icon and was having troubles getting my G4 to recognize the iPod. After several resets and disconnect/reconnects I finally got it working and I realized I wasn't running the newest version of iPod software.

So...I upgraded the software. I then proceeded to put my mucic library back on the iPod only to have it not be able to play the songs. I would choose a song and it would just freeze and not play. So then I would reset the ipod (play+menu) and all of my songs would be gone from the iPod but the storage was still being taken up.) I also tried to restore my iPod many times just to have the same things happen.

Anyway, after reading for many hours I have yet to find a solution that works. Now when plug my ipod in via firewire, I get the "Do not Disconnect" screen and it never goes away, nor does iTunes or my finder recognize my iPod. What is really strange is that if I go into System Profiler, and check my firewire ports, it recognizes that the iPod is plugged in.

Even more strange, after being plugged in for around 15 to 20 minutes, I get an error message stating that I have inserted a disc that Mac OSX does not recognize, and it gives me the options to eject, ignore, or initialize. Anyone havea clue what's going on? Is my iPod trash? Thanks!

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