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Transfers songs from your iPod to your PC
Transfers Outlook mail to your iPod
Transfers Outlook appointments to your iPod
Transfers Outlook contacts to your iPod
Transfers Outlook tasks to your iPod
Transfers Outlook notes to your iPod
Fetches weather forecasts from the web and puts it on your iPod
Fetches RSS news feeds from the internet and makes them available on your iPod
Copy any text file to your iPod - iPod Agent will automatically break these up into 4k size pages if necesasry (the iPod has a limit of 4k size notes).
Create listings of the songs on your iPod in plain text, HTML or CSV formats

Edit: Formally known as iPod Agent

iStory Creator
Custom text adventure games on the iPod. Does all the linking coding, etc for you.

Both require .Net Framework

Googleget does not require .Net Framework

Also Googleget is now an iPodSoft program... (i think...)


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