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This just happened to my IPOD over the weekend. I use a windows verision, and everytime I go to sync it up in ITUNEs, (the New verision) it would never get recognize.

Strange that when the IPOD was OFF, it would be charging though.

I brought it back to my local apple store, they promptly told me that they've "seen a few" in the past exhibit this problem, and then proceed to give me a 'NEW' IPOD.

Once I got it back home, and connected it up, formatted it in windows, everything was fine. I was able to sync it up in ITunes and all was fine.

I don't know why this happens to some of the ipods, firmware issues?

Just for the record, I tried multiple resets, forcing diskmode, nothing worked. Reset to factory settings, nothing worked for my IPOD. I just couldn't get it recognized in the new verision of ITUNES.

The Apple rep told me they knew of no way to correct this problem other than sending it back to apple. I had 1 month left on my original IPOD Warrantee. I have a 15gig IPOD, not the original, but the one that was before the mini's.

It sounds like apple will have a problem on their hands if they don't get a handle on why this is happening.

The one differences is I upgraded to the new verision of ITUNEs and I noticed the problem. Sounds like the common issue between these ipods, mac and windows.

My advice for anyone who is seeing this problem, try resetting to the factory default settings, try forcing disk mode, if it still fails bring it right down to your local APPLE STORE and ask them WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE IPODS ALL OF A SUDDEN!

This doesn't seem like an isolated incident according to what I'm reading on the net.

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