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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: win98se usb driver for ipod?

Originally posted by ipeddler
ibons -

Since its a laptop, it more than likely won't charge. The pcimcia cards either 1) don't allow it or 2) its not setup to because they don't want power being sucked out of the batteries. Even when its plugged into an outlet it still won't happen. I don't know the exact technical reasons why, but I've heard many people say it won't work when using a Windows laptop.

As for the USB driver, beats me. Sorry.
hmm i was expecting only the pcimcia cards with the 4 pin connectors not to charge and those with 6 pin connectors to do so. i'm planning to buy a notebook soon with a 6pin firewire port or a 6 pin pcimcia card for use with my ipod so that's rather disappointing news..

that'd mean i'd have to keep plugging my cable in and out of the laptop and charger alternately.. darn, well i guess it can't be helped.

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