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Re: Re: Re: win98se usb driver for ipod?

Originally posted by eyez73
There is a number of reasons for using usb ....

1) Its my father ipod and he doesn't have a firewire card and only has one pc slot of his laptop which he's using for a network connection and there is usb built into the pc.

2) Also I would like to use the usb cable on my ipod so I can carry it around with me so when I visit friends I don't have to worry if they have firewire cards (very hard to find a pc without usb these days)

Oh also I don't believe the ipod charges from most pcimcia cards on laptops.

As for if I get a drive letter ... I do not just get a ipod usb device in the device manager which can't find a driver.

Is anyone have the ipod installed on usb in Windows ME? maybe they can let me know the driver files its using.

well it actually doesn't matter where the firewire port is located, because as long as it is the "large" 6 pin type it should be powered and thus able to charge the ipod. it's only the "mini" 4 pin type that isn't powered and thus can't charge, presumably because it's too small to squeeze in two extra pins for power (neutral and live, i'd venture).

as to the usb2 support for ipod in win98se, i've a feeling it'd be pretty tricky as that would involve somehow pulling the ipod usb2 driver out of the setup.exe package and i'm not sure if the installer would give up the driver if you don't run it to the end. however, there's a good chance that it would be compatible as win98 and winme are technically very similar. in fact, it escapes me utterly as to how apple can refuse win98 support when it's still the second most popular version of windows...

perhaps you can ask a friend who has a compatible version of windows to run the setup.exe programme for you to completion, then root around and search for any *.vxd, *.ini or such driver files which might be the usb2 driver and allow the ipod to mount as a removable drive. i don't have the usb2 cable so i'm afraid i can't experiment for this case.
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