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Re: Re: win98se usb driver for ipod?

Originally posted by ipeddler
I got a quick question:
With the usb cable costing $19.00, why not chip in another $10 - $15 and get a firewire card? Plus you get to charge the ipod that way.

But back to your question:
So when you plug your ipod into the connector and then the usb end into the computer, is your ipod mounting? Meaning is it registring as a another harddrive?

If yes, what software are you using to transfer songs?
There is a number of reasons for using usb ....

1) Its my father ipod and he doesn't have a firewire card and only has one pc slot of his laptop which he's using for a network connection and there is usb built into the pc.

2) Also I would like to use the usb cable on my ipod so I can carry it around with me so when I visit friends I don't have to worry if they have firewire cards (very hard to find a pc without usb these days)

Oh also I don't believe the ipod charges from most pcimcia cards on laptops.

As for if I get a drive letter ... I do not just get a ipod usb device in the device manager which can't find a driver.

Is anyone have the ipod installed on usb in Windows ME? maybe they can let me know the driver files its using.

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