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Originally posted by b_nightingale99
First of all, THANKS! It is great that you figured this out. However, I still can't get it to work. Everytime I run it an error message comes up saying 1155 File Not Found: (and then a bunch of random letters/numbers which is a folder in the Temp folder, however it doesn't show which file it cant find because the folder name is so #### long). Anyone got any suggestions?
i would venture that you closed the apple installer before running the updater program.. my advise would be to copy the "iPod-for-win-updater-instlr.exe" file into another folder (perhaps your deskop?) *before* closing apple's installer programme as that would automatically remove the file even though it may have showed up in your "find" dialog box.

remember, don't click "next" when you see the "Welcome to the Installshield Wizard for iPod For Windows download installer" window, until you have copied the "iPod-for-win-updater-instlr.exe" file to another directory or it will scream "This Version of Operating System is not supported" at you and close down by itself.

then, you can run the updater-instlr.exe file from whatever directory you copied it to.

hope this works
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