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glad i could help

yep, to confirm ipeddler's post, when you run the "iPod-for-win-updater-instlr.exe" file, the firmware is not installed yet. instead, another installshield programme should pop up and install some files. this programme will run and close by itself,

when it's done, you can plug your ipod in, wait for it to mount as a drive,
then run the updater from under Start-->Programs-->iPod-->system software 2.01-->updater. It will then allow you to either update or restore your ipod to firmware v. 2.01 depending on what you want to do.

since it actually creates a programme group you don't need to search your hard drives, but if it somehow doesn't appear then ipeddler's method's the best.

i didn't have to insert my win98 cd during the update process.. but i guess that's a case by case basis.

well again, a picture says a thousand words
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