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iPod 2.01 updater for Win98 Users

Well it seems that there's no way for us v3 ipod owners who are Win98 users to update our firmware without running Apple's programme, which only supports WinMe and above, but after experimenting around with the installer, i found something very interesting that allowed me to do so

here's what i did:

1) run apple's installer programme(setup.exe), it will load till the "welcome screen" where it says "Welcome to the Installshield Wizard for iPod For Windows download installer".

2) usually, win98 users are screwed because when you click "next" it says "This Version of Operating System is not supported" which results in much cursing at the screen and the setup programme closing

3) well, when you reach the "Welcome screen", DON'T click "next" first. go open up a "find files or folders" from the start menu and search for "updater" in your windows directory: you should see the below file appear: "iPod-for-win-updater-instlr.exe". it should be in one of the temp folders in your windows directory

4) run the program! it'll install the ipod firmware updater, which *does* work in win98... and bob's your uncle!

remember, the file only appears when the apple installer programme is running! once you close the setup.exe the file is automatically deleted from the temp directory, thus i would recommend copying it to a safe place before running it.

hope this helps all my fellow win98 users

Edit update 08/22/2005: Windows 98 & 98SE users please use this link:
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