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Keyboard shortcut to prevent itunes automatically updating ipod

Ok here's a little dilemma some of you might have experienced.

You've got some songs on your ipod that you'd like to share with a friend, now, they've got itunes but they don't have an ipod, as such they've never connected an ipod to their pc. Now what happens when you connect your ipod to their pc is that itunes automatically starts updating your ipod with your friends music.

"Just turn off automatic updating" you say, BUT wait a minute the option to turn off automatic updating is only available when an ipod is connected right, so that means you would have lost some songs already, which really sucks if you keep all your music on your ipod only.

Here's the catch, on a MAC you can prevent itunes from automatically updating your ipod by holding down the Command and Option keys. Well what about Windows, what keys do you press to be able to do this?????
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