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Angry Resetting apple ID password

OK, be gentle with me as I am your basic moron. Been trying to reset the password for my apple ID and am getting nowhere. I follow instructions on apple to the letter, but I run into issues. First, when I look on apple's site, I get prompted to click on reset password, but I must be blind as I don't see that option. On, I plug in my e-mail and phone, that part goes through ok. But when I tap Allow to start the process on my iphone, it now goes to a window on the phone stating cannot verify identity after that. For whatever reason earlier, the phone would prompt me to enter the passcode for the phone, but it kept returning to that same window over and over. Now I'm getting the can't verify window.

The device has IOs 12.1.2.

My Mac has OS X Version 10.9.5.

Thanks for any input, I obviously struggle with this at times.
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