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If you have iCloud messages enabled on all devices, then the messages are just stored in iCloud. Each device would access them there instead of their local copy.

I think this is basically the same as having messages on all the devices without the iCloud option enabled. Without the option on, the devices have their own copy. With it on, there is one copy in iCloud. With the large number of pictures people text, It could help space constrained devices (16GB iPhone) to offload these large attachments and all messages to the iCloud.

Turning it on will use more data as each read will cause the picture or video to be viewed on the network. This would also prevent older devices from using messages, as they don't know how to use messages from iCloud. It could also make you need to buy more iCloud space as your messages clog up your iCloud space.

Message forwarding is different. This is a way to get WiFi devices to see SMS messages. So if you had a WiFi iPad and a relative sent a text from an Android to your iPhone, the iPhone can forward that message to the iPad. The iPad could see it and respond even though it is not on the telephone networks. It uses the iPhone to send the message out.

If your iPad is WiFi only, and it is old (pre-11.4) and you want to see messages from non-iPhones then you need to have the forwarding turned on.

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