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You can do this just hold SHIFT while starting iTunes to get the prompt to choose or create a library.

There is no need to copy the old one across to the external drive. Just do the same procedure, hold SHIFT and start iTunes.
Choose Create Library...
Navigate to the drive and folder where you want the iTunes Folder to be stored
Name the iTunes folder, the default might be iTunes 1. You could make it iTunesOther or some other name.
Click the Save button and you will have an empty library.

Have fun with this and be sure to be in the correct library before importing a disc.

When you do iTunes backups, you will need to do 2 backups. 1 for each library.
Syncing devices will become challenging. You can only automatic sync to one library. So for the second library, you will need to use manual management to get tracks from that library onto your device.
Mixing playlists between the libraries cannot happen without duplicating tracks in both libraries.

Personally I would Consolidate the current library to the external drive, and put all the tracks in one library. 1 sync, 1 library, 1 backup.

Have you backed up your iTunes Library this week? If not, you are risking losing your music and playlists....
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