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splitting itunes libraries

I am in the process of digitizing all of my CD's (many, many, of them). My iTunes library is getting to be quite large, and I don't want to fill up my internal HD. I would like to split my library into two, with one on my internal drive containing the songs that I will be apt to play more often, and another one on my external drive containing those songs that I don't want to lose, but will play less often. (I will divide them by Genre.) I will have no problem keeping them straight and signing into the library that I want to use. I do not want either of them to be referenced - I want the total songs, metadata, etc in each library to be independent of the other.

To be sure that I have all of the information that is needed for each library, what I have thought of doing is to copy the total library to my external drive, and then delete the songs/playlists/albums that I want to maintain on my internal drive. Then, on my computer, delete the songs/playlists/albums that I wish to keep on my external. Are there any unforeseen problems with doing it this way? I have looked on line and found solutions involving exporting, and other ways of doing this, but some of them result in referenced songs, where I wish to have two totally independent libraries.

Thanks for any help
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