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iPod Touch Voice Control Broken As Hell!

So I bit the bullet and upgraded my iPod Touch last month on a good sale opportunity. 6th gen 128GB iPod Touch. Set up was easy. Got a lightning and 3.5 audio out dongle so it works fine with my Aux in in the car.

Hit a few snags with the music app, because it kinda sucks now, and they lean heavy into Apple Music and streaming media etc. Get a few third party apps that work fine like my older iPod used to.

I come to find Siri is basically useless because it requires an internet connection to do ANYTHING even really basic items like playing an artist or playlist by title. I research you can turn Siri off and revert to the older Voice Control which is how I used to do the basics on my older model.

Except Voice Control seems broken as hell. It can't:

-Play a song
-Play an artist
-Play a playlist

The only thing I ever seem to get it to do is to go to the next or previous track. Anyone have any experience with this? Without voice control it's really difficult to pull anything up on the fly.

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