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Originally Posted by largewoodenspoo View Post
Hi guys.
I may well be behind the times, but I've recently modded an old ipod 5.5gen 30gb with a sd card. 128gb at present, but will be doubling that this week.
Back in the day I used ipodwizard to get firmware and themes. Unfortunately it's soooo long ago, all is dead and gone.
Has anybody got the modded firmware and themes for this old 30gb 5.5gen model!?

Many thanks in advance...

Oh, also, if I get a 500gb or even 1tb card, will rockbox be ok to handle it? I know the original ipod firmware is a bit iffy with the 32mb of ram on the bigger cards.

So I've managed to find ipodwizard 1.3 and the hybrid touch theme. It's all running fine.
The ipod is dual booting rockbox, which is better for me really, but any help with the old themes would be greatly appreciated!
Looks like version 1.3 for the 5th gen is out there, were you ever able to find any themes other than the hybrid touch theme?
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