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To recover the songs, you create a new library in iTunes with a different Media Folder location.

-- Hold Shift then start iTunes, in the window choose new library, name it iPodImport or something weird, putting it in a folder that your normal iTunes does not use, then in iTunes click on Edit->Preferences, Advanced tab, write down the original location and change the location to a new folder in that location.

Then Copy off all the <4HEX>.<ext> (Example: F0A4.m4a) files to a different folder named iPodFiles. In iTunes use the File->Add Folder to Library command, and choose the iPodFiles folder.

Once imported, you will see the artists and albums that were populated with the songs before the sync. Expect a lot of Unknown Artist and Unknown Albums from MP3 files as iTunes does a poor job writing updated tags to those files.

Now you can try and fix the Unknown Artists/Albums by listening to them, and updating their information in Get Info.

Last you Export the tracks you want by creating yet another folder called Keepers, and open this folder in Windows Explorer. Select the tracks you want in iTunes, drag from iTunes and drop into the Keepers folder.

Close iTunes.
Hold Shift and open iTunes, select your original library.
In iTunes, click on Edit->Preferences, Advanced tab and set the default Media Folder location to the original value.
Click on File->Add Folder to Library choose the Keepers folder.

When done, delete the iPodImport and iPodFiles folder. If your library copies your files to the default Media Folder, then you can delete the Keepers folder too.

Have you backed up your iTunes Library this week? If not, you are risking losing your music and playlists....
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