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Some issues solved.

I'd like to post my experience getting this ipod to work. It may answer some questions that have come up from time to time.
I bought a Classic gen 5 with a 256 gb ssd in it. It was stuck on the Apple logo, but I knew that and it was only $40, so why not. Even if the drive was toast, I was going to put in a micro-sd based adapter in it anyway.
The first step was to try and get recognized by the computer and iTunes. It would go into disc mode for a second, then go back to the Apple logo, so would not connect to iTunes. By going into diagnostic mode and going through all the diagnostics, it still wouldn't boot, but it would now go into disc mode and stay there. I don't know why, but it did.
Now it would connect to the computer. By going to iTunes, I could see all the songs on it. Almost 200 gb worth! Most of it was not my thing, but some was. So before restoring, I wanted to get the music off of it and save it.
I needed to download the music with the track info before I imported into iTunes. I only wanted to import the stuff I wanted to keep, so I needed to see the artists and songs first. I tried a bunch of free programs and didn't like any of them for one reason or another. I downloaded Winamp and it's ipod plug-in, that did the job. But 200 gb of music was taking too long. After leaving it overnight to cook, it was only 1/3 of the way through, so gave up on that. Got about 60 gb though.
Now I can erase and restore, but iTunes would come up with an error. This was solved by going to My Computer and right clicking on the ipod. It must be in disc mode. Then did a format in Fat32 or Exfat32. That cleared the whole drive and whatever was corrupting it. Now iTunes went through the restore process and installed the OS.
I now had a fresh, like new ipod Classic 5 with 256gb. I synced my iTunes library normally and added the new music and it works like a champ.
I hope this process will help others renew their ipod instead of giving up on them.
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