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Originally Posted by gregger77 View Post
Meaning, Shift+Run, yes?

A dumb question: Since each Windows user, after logging in, sees "their own PC" and not another user's apps or files...why shouldn't I go ahead and install a new copy of iTunes under the new user, and access my own library exclusively...never switching users again?
Yes Shift+Run. Windows generally installs applications for all users, unless specified otherwise. No need to install iTunes again.

Originally Posted by gregger77 View Post
I would prefer to put my library on the internal hard drive, as you suggested, under the files for the "new Windows user" ... does that sound okay?
Of course. I thought that was clear. The new user could copy the iTunes folder from the external drive and paste it into their Music folder. Open iTunes and everything is there. Syncing works without erasing, and all songs and playlists as well.

Originally Posted by gregger77 View Post
By fast-user switching, do you mean the Apple-provided user switching under the "Shift+Run" start-up? If so...why does Apple provide and promote a feature that will fail? I'm not doubting you, I'm just confounded by this inability to manage two libraries effectively.
No, fast user switching is a Windows feature where you can be logged in and your wife can switch to her account without logging you out. This way you could be in the middle of a letter or an email, and she can get quick access to her Facebook account. Neither has to log out or lose their place.

iTunes assumes there is only 1 user on the system. So it starts background processes under that user. So if you have iTunes open and fast user switch, and try to open iTunes again, it will fail. Just close iTunes in one account when you are done and you won't be back here asking about weird iTunes behavior when you fast user switch.

Originally Posted by gregger77 View Post
Oh...a question from before...When I first used the library selector...Should I have first "Created a Library" ...would it have made any difference?
No, that would not have changed the location of the default media folder. So you would have had the same problem.

Have you backed up your iTunes Library this week? If not, you are risking losing your music and playlists....
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