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Oh, wow...I get a headache trying to understand some of this advice,
but I'm going to use it! Thanks.

Originally Posted by cjmnews View Post
Doing this as the same user ID is going to be problematic.
So weird that Apple does not warn you about this when discussing the "Shift+Run" functionality!

Originally Posted by cjmnews View Post
Getting a copy of the library file iTunes Library.itl from the XP machine and overwriting the original on the external drive will put your library back to normal.
Okay, that's a do-over, and I will make sure I am freshly "organized/consolidated" on the old machine before copying again to the external drive.

Originally Posted by cjmnews View Post
Once you log in as you, then you can open iTunes like you did above
Meaning, Shift+Run, yes?

A dumb question: Since each Windows user, after logging in, sees "their own PC" and not another user's apps or files...why shouldn't I go ahead and install a new copy of iTunes under the new user, and access my own library exclusively...never switching users again?

Originally Posted by cjmnews View Post
...Default Media Folder...change it to the external drive media folder location.
I would prefer to put my library on the internal hard drive, as you suggested, under the files for the "new Windows user" ... does that sound okay?

Originally Posted by cjmnews View Post
iTunes will fail if you use fast user switching.
By fast-user switching, do you mean the Apple-provided user switching under the "Shift+Run" start-up? If so...why does Apple provide and promote a feature that will fail? I'm not doubting you, I'm just confounded by this inability to manage two libraries effectively.

Oh...a question from before...When I first used the library selector...Should I have first "Created a Library" ...would it have made any difference?


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