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Managing multiple iTunes libraries (Windows)

Hi, new to the Forums here and hoping to find a solution to my newest item on the "Apple problem for which Apple Support site is worthless" list.

My wife and I share a Windows PC; she has iTunes 12+ on it.

I have an old Windows XP laptop (quit laughing!) with iTunes 12+ (but a slightly earlier release) on it. I wish to get rip of the laptop for a lot of good reasons, and I want to use our shared PC to manage my iTunes library.

I "moved" my iTunes library to an external drive, following the various instructions for Organizing the library in its new location etc. Then I copied it to a new folder on the PC, and opened it in iTunes there (holding down "Shift" while launching the app and selecting the library at that time).

Problem is, my library shows up, but my wife's library is mixed in! (Her library resides in a different folder, is differently named, etc.)

Should I have first "Created a Library" (during Shift+Run) and moved my library content into that...or...something else?

I'm confused. Thanks for any help!

- G.
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