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My name is Phill. I am an Australian. My main interest is with Itunes. The majority of my library is recorded in Apple lossless. I run two libraries so that one backs up the other so that any loss can be quickly addressed. My sound system is "old school" and my main media computer is connected to a Rotel powered 7.1 system connected to high quality Australian manufactured cabinets fitted with Seas speakers. Other speakers and amplifies service other parts of the house. My sub is a genuine Adair Tumult with an Adair 800 watt amp. This is by design a home theatre set up but is very competent in playing music at close to audiophile quality. Apple TV is also connected to this system as well as cable TV.

Itunes has been a challenge at times but my library of about 60,000 songs is stable and well maintained. One issue I would like to resolve is the microphone images displayed in Artist view and also to get more consistency with the allocated genres.

Hopefully other members of this forum can help me resolve these issues.
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