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The reputation and past actions trying to eliminate their ability to access our personal data is why I believe it is a subset. I also believe that the data is not stored and is no different than typing in an address to get a map, using just enough info to get the query back to you. The main reason they don't want our personal data is to avoid spending millions getting the information for courts and government entities. It is much easier and cheaper to document that you don't have access to it, prove it once, and get back to business. In the early iPhone days they would have a backlog of phones to open up that was measured in months, and cost lots of money for Apple to perform. That is gone now due to the changes in how encryption is initialized and used on the devices.

As for the bug, you can write it differently. Missing setting to disable maps in contacts, could be a good starting point.

Removing Maps from your device does not work. It still has the ability to query the address.

I preferred my jail broken iOS too. So many more possibilities. Nice customization, ad blocking on all apps, access to my files the way I wanted to get to them. You bet I didn't use that device for anything important. Just games and movies, until the movie players refused to run on it. Who knew what was running in the background of Cydia? Eventually I removed it to get some neat functionality that did not work on my hardware (I was bummed at that). I have not gone back though. Not worth the risk.

Have you backed up your iTunes Library this week? If not, you are risking losing your music and playlists....
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