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You're harking back to the position that data subset is limited. I have to repeat the fact that this is a question of respecting ownership. Other people's opinions and beliefs aren't relevant. I think that you might be right, but you could quite plausibly be entirely wrong. How do you know what information is taken? Before tech support's confirmation, I had a hard time believing that Apple would steal my info, given it's public rep. Given that it does, where does it stop? Even if it was just the address info, however, you can paint quite a picture of someone with all the address info in the Contacts, Does Apple do it? Probably not, but it's not impossible, nor is it impossible that it shares this data behind the scenes, as inconsistent that is with its public position.

Before we descend into a criticism of conspiracy paranoia, let's stay on track. When it comes to respecting ownership, none of that is relevant. The data should not be leaving the phone, pure and simple. Encrypted transmittal or not, it is the user's data, and Apple doesn't have the right to abscond with it (without permission), regardless of the reasoning or rationale.

As for a bug, the tech support said it's by design. In other words, deliberate, not a bug. They have to deal with the *intent* at the service/app design level. Since the nature of the transgression is blindingly obvious, it's akin to someone whacking the user on the head, and the user saying "Please consider the ethics of whacking me on the head and refrain".

You said that it is still better than the alternative, which may be true, but given this event, it's not at all clear. I don't recall such blatant transgressions, essentially with impunity, when using Cyanogenmod, notwithstanding the problems that caused me to switch to Apple. But that's akin to saying that you should stay with the current abuser because the other abuser has different warts. There's a certain truth in that, but the better fix would be to exhort/compel the abusers to lay off (as challenging as that might be).
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