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Actually if you look at the overall design, they have put together a cryptographic device that protects your data from exposure, unless you authorize access.

They have layers of security to provide lots of security, though as you have seen, some convenience items are there that do allow some data, though most people would find an address as benign exposure, to provide you additional information such as a map of the address.

Apple does not want access to our data, and has designed the phone and operating system to make it so they can't access your data. Sure in the early days, Apple had keys to unlock data in the phones, but over time they have eliminated those keys so that you control the access to your most personal information.

Apple needs to show separation between the data and themselves to reduce the requests to access encrypted data by law enforcement. If you remember a few months ago, there was a shooter killed and they had a locked iPhone, Apple told the FBI that they could not unlock it because the owner had the key, not Apple. The FBI paid for a hacker to unlock the phone through a flaw in the OS, that Apple has since patched.

Apple has not done things perfectly. They have to trade usability for security in some cases. Messages is an example of this, where each iMessage sender has a public and private key. Apple only has the public key, and shares it with senders when they try to send an iMessage. The receivers can read the messages because they can decrypt it with their private key. Seems right doesn't it? There is a flaw, Apple could add other public keys into the conversation without telling us. I doubt they would, but it is a possible avenue to get at the message data. It is convenient this way because you can add and remove users at any time. But the flaw still exists, so it is less than perfect security. But it is better than standard SMS messages that are not encrypted and can be intercepted and altered in transit. iMessages can't be altered due to the encryption.

The Apple position is really "protect the user's personal information as much as possible while still providing a good user experience".

The small bit of data you have concern over is pretty trivial, and if that concerns you then you can look for a different contact management app that does not show you a map of addresses in your contacts. Do the research to see if they allow data to be shared outside of the app. Unfortunately, integration with other apps will be non-existent as other apps may not know about your choice of contact management.

There are worse things out there than this. Websites that can send you your password back to your email means they store it incorrectly. Apps and Services with 2 factor authentication through SMS can be spoofed allowing someone besides you to authenticate. I could go on.

You are pretty safe with Apple, you alternative is Android or dumb phones. Android has some good areas, but also has more weaknesses, mostly because of lack of OS updates from phone manufacturers.

Do more research, understand the overall architecture, and you'll see Apple is not as bad as you think.

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