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Is my Contacts info being sent to the cloud?

I moved from Android to iPhone after years of anxting over which of the juggernauts would be less disrepectful of one's privacy, and more diligent about the safety of the apps in their store. I chose Apple, and recently made the move. Last month, that is, and I am being inducted into the world of iOS with version 10.

I noticed with consternation that my contacts display a small map image of the address. I don't keep my contacts in the cloud, and never use the cloud for transferring contact informaton. I use AkrutoSync to sync up with my Outlook client on my laptop (Windows 7) over home WiFi. As far as I know, mapping out the addresses in my Contacts is not possible without those addresses being sent to a mapping service somewhere. I don't recall being asked for this to happen, and no switch or parameter that I can find under Privacy or Contacts seems to be responsible.

Can anyone suggest what might be enabling this?
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