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They go to the parent device, the one that was the Family Organizer. If you are not the organizer you don't get the notifications, or if you transferred it to another parent, they are getting the notifications.

The Family Organizer would have the Apple ID on their iPhone.
They would invite their spouse, who has a different Apple ID: and they would accept on their iPhone, and also use it for their Mac.
They would invite their kids, who have different Apple IDs: and who would accept it on their iPad and iPhone respectively.

Headhoncho would add a credit card to the Shared Payment.

Headhoncho and Sweetie would NOT have Ask to Buy turned on.
Youngster and Junior would have Ask to Buy enabled.

When Youngster wants to buy some in game item, the request goes to Headhoncho's iPhone. Where they disapprove because spending $120 on a virtual cowboy hat is ridiculous.

If Headhoncho is not seeing the notifications, maybe they transferred approval to Sweetie. Sweetie can send it back in Settings > [your name] > Family Sharing, tap Headhoncho, then tap Parent/Guardian.

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