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iCloud could have an impact on your storage depending on your settings. For instance if you use iCloud Photo Sharing, then the photos that you shared are others are sharing with you will get downloaded to your device using more space.

Also apps download stuff all the time. Facebook stores recently viewed items in a cache and that uses space. Free apps with ads download the ads to show you using space. iMessage pictures uses space in Messages, and if the pictures are on your device they are there a second time as well.

Lots of questions here:
- your storage will fluctuate as you use the device. Nothing to worry about unless you don't have enough space.
- Apps crash for many reasons. It could be sloppy programming, or an unstable operating system. You could try backing up the iPad to iTunes and restore the iPad to see if that helps the stability. A restore erases everything from the iPad, installs a new copy of the operating system, then restores the backup of your data. You may have to re-enter wifi password and a few other things but it could help.
- How are you importing your bookmarks to Safari? The only way I share my bookmarks with Safari is with Firefox on my PC using the iCloud Bookmarks add-on. Importing bookmarks can use more storage too.
- My guess is that the restore may help. Or you have some questionable apps installed.

Have you backed up your iTunes Library this week? If not, you are risking losing your music and playlists....
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