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Question Apple TV box, thoughts please?

Hello ILounge Forum,

I wasn't too sure on where I should post this I'm new to all this forum business, so if it would go better somewhere else please let me know and I will get it moved if possible.

At the moment I am living in Cambodia working as an NGO digging out wells for towns in the countryside who don't have access to clean water. At night I like to go home and put a movie on but I have found the TV is good for about 2 months and then it's just the same programs and movies rotating for another 2 months. I have tried all of them different online streaming sites but in all honesty, they are pretty awful.

My friend told me about there are Apple TV boxes that give you pretty much every channel you could want and it's one of the best things she's spent money on in a long time. Now I have had a look online and they go for under $200 with delivery to Cambodia so that's sweet. What I would love to know from you guys is your experiences with the box if any and any problems I might bump into along the way.

If there is any other information you guys need please let me know and I will get back to you asap.

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