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So as regards 1 and the album artist, artist business, if I don't have the compilation checked then every single artist will appear in the artist list. On the other hand, if I do have compilation checked the individual artists will not appear in the artist list and the album will be found under "Various Artists" in album and artists. Thus, it's most important that compilation is checked to avoid having the artist list swamped with a huge number of artists. Do I have that right?

Update: Just one thing: if it's a simple matter of 1 album artist and 1 artist - say Tchaikovsky - Album Artist and The London Symphony Orchestra - Artist, then just 2 artists (Tchaikovsky and the LSO) will appear in the artist list. Right? But in that case which artist will you see when the album is playing? I would expect Tchaikovsky if that's the artist selected or LSO if that's the artist selected.

Thank you for simplifying matters in such a way that even a dolt like myself can understand.

BTW, last time I had anything to do with Apple I had a few of the iPod Classics (still have them and they are fine apart from the batteries). Since then with phones and tablets I've been with Android. Fed up to the back teeth with Samsung I decided to move to Apple a week or so ago. Hence these naive questions.

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