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1) When you have the difference, there are ways to tell. Album art is not shown next to the Album Artist, it is shown with the Artist. All of the Artist tag values (artists) are shown in the Artist list.

The Album Artist tag is only shown in the Artist list in the one special case that I am aware of (Artist != Album Artist, Compilation not checked).

Usually when there is a difference between Artist and Album Artist, it is because it is a compilation, so generally the Compilation is checked in this case, which hides the Album Artist from the Artist list.

3) 31 characters is what is shown at any one time. If the length is 31 characters or less it does not scroll. Longer does scroll automatically. Also changing the font size will change the number of characters. No, the full track window no longer works in iOS 10+.

4) Home sharing - As far as I have seen only the Music App can recognize iTunes running with Bonjour enabled for sharing your library. I may not have come across the apps that do that though, so you may find something different. I have used other applications that scan my PC library, build information about it and share with other apps. These work fine as long as you don't have the old encrypted files from the iTunes Store (I have several) as these will not play through 3rd party applications since they don't know how to decrypt the files, like iTunes does. Yes there are ways to work around this too.

The number of characters I was quoting was for an iPhone 6 using the default font which only uses Portrait Mode view for the Music player. I forgot that you were interested in the iPad. So I tried it there with the default font. And guess what, they have the same mini-player (19 characters) and bigger player (uses 1/2 the screen in Portrait mode and 1/3 the screen in Landscape mode) that have the same character limitations (31 and scrolls). Now my iPad is older so there may be other differences with the Pro that I can't see (3D touch stuff).

Lossless should work just fine in the home using the Home Sharing. The lossless format may limit the 3rd party players you can use. Several don't understand Apple's Lossless.

Have you backed up your iTunes Library this week? If not, you are risking losing your music and playlists....
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