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ipod classic 160gb / 256gb library

hi, please help

I have a 160gb ipod classic synced with iTunes.
I have also got a 256gb ssd ipod classic.

what I want to do is create an exact same duplicate of my 160gb library on my 256gb ipod with rating playlists etc which can then be added to etc.

but I need it to be completely independent from the original library so if I ever wish to go back to a 160gb ipod the original library (which is under 160gb) will fit on it..

so I wish to create 2 exact same iTunes libraries
1 as backup for my original 160gb ipod should I ever go back to it.
2 a new library which can be added to without affecting my original library.

I hope this makes sense and wondered is this possible.

thanks for your time and any help, craig
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