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It could be a number of things, none of which are caused by you or fixable by you.

Newer versions of an Operating System usually causes slow downs, mostly due to new features, but there can be other reasons too, like increased RAM requirements.

Also updated rules for apps can also cause them to behave differently, such as if the OS is using a new set of rules for apps to access secure data, but has legacy access as well for older versions of applications, and the app you are using has not been updated in years, it could appear slower, as the legacy access is ignored or deprecated, and the newer access interface gets performance improvements. If there are significant changes in the rules for apps stating they can't perform some task they used to (update outside of the store) and have to use a busy process instead (update inside the store) then they can appear slower as well.

Other impacts could be what you add to the device. If you add an active virus scanner, that will slow it down. If you use a VPN for privacy, that will slow it down. If your corporation forces app scanning software onto your device, that will slow it down.

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