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cmon guys

I don't care how old this bloody thread is
I just need anyone who ever sees this now or in the future

First it p*sses me off that no-one in this thread performed any research whatsoever, or even wants to call themselves Eminem fans without knowing the backstory to 'Fack'. It's annoying to see all you complaining without knowing the full truth.

The origin of 'Fack' is that Eminem enjoys swearing in his raps, as he not only feels it adds to his 'Angry Rapping' Persona that is Slim Shady, but also it's difficult to create his style without using profanity, due to the lyrics he uses requiring them.

His producers decided that much or even most of his songs would be censored due to a popular audience containing those they deemed not being able handle profanity.

Thereby, in an act of defiance, he created 'Fack'. It was omitted from his album after his producers realised what he'd done, but couldn't remove the song completely, as Marshall was / is a relatively influential idol.

Sorry for the rant, I'd just like people in the future to know before they complain that 'Rap is Dead because Eminem created this and it was terrible'.

Take 'Tunak Tunak Tun' by Daler Mehndi. It features terrible CGI and just him, as his audience complained he got views/money from attractive women dancing in his videos, so he created Tunak Tunak Tun, and it became somewhat of a meme, and was as popular, if not more so, than his other songs.
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