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My Top 3 iOS Games!

1. Brave Frontier
This RPG is one the mainstream in mobile gaming. The sound and graphics gives you nostalgia and takes you back to the old JRPGs but that doesn't mean it's just as good as the old ones. As a fan of FF series, I really like it's turn based gameplay, unique character designs, and their respective skills.

2. Game of Dice(New!)
It has the same mechanics of Monopoly but with a combination of Skill Cards, cute Character design/graphics, and even the dice you rolled have a variety of design and stats that can help you win in this rpg board game. What I really like about this is game it depends significantly on RNG and you will have very nice starting skill cards right at the beginning of the game helping you to catch up fast with other players and even beat higher level opponents even you just started the game if you're lucky and just play it right. This is the game I'm currently playing a lot on my iPad.

3. Summoner War
This is a monster evolution collection game with a nice pvp and challenging dungeons to explore. I think what’s truly amazing about this game is it has a fair amount of offer to everyone. You can pay to win, you can play a lot to win, and you can play smart to win. Of course, if you do all 3 you’ll become one of the best.

Please do share yours as well.
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