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Red face Same thing for me

I am experiencing the exact same problem... You're not crazy! I upgraded to iTunes 11.1 just now and can no longer drag/drop music files into my library. This is more of an annoyance than a show-stopper, but honesty, there are a growing amount of annoying little "features" like this seeming to pop up as time goes by and apple releases worse and worse looking /functioning versions of this once-great software. The issue is finding a good alternative. Yes, I've tried Media Monkey and yes I've of course tried WinAmp. MediaMonkey completely screws up all of your album art (irreversibly, I might add), and WinAmp is simply too simple. I guess I don't understand why Apple is always messing with the iTunes features that we come to rely on, and then we turn around and they're simply either gone, or altered beyond all recognition. Very frustrating! Anyone have any ideas as to why the gentleman who started this thread and I can no longer drag & drop our music files into the iTunes library? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Cheers...
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