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Seriously, you can't drag-and-drop new files into iTunes anymore?

So for the past, like, ever, the way I've imported new files into iTunes is first I move the files (.mp3, or whatever) into the "iTunes Media" folder (so it's already there, and doesn't have a second copy made on importing), then just drag them into iTunes into whatever playlist I want them in. Today, after upgrading to iTunes 11, (EDIT: 11.1, I guess I already had 11.0) I can't seem to drop the files into iTunes. I just get the "no parking" circle when I try.

Is there something I'm missing, or does this mean that the only way to import files now is using the "File -> Add file/folder to library" options?

Does anybody have a link to the previous version's installer, so I can downgrade? I should have known better than to update without a backup in place...

EDIT: Well I managed to downgrade to my previous version (11.0) using Windows' "Previous Version" feature on the "Program Files (x86)/iTunes" folder. Although for whatever reason (I guess since it was in the Program Files folder?) I was not able to "restore" it automatically, I had to copy the backup version to my desktop and then restore it manually. Then it said "iTunes Library.itl could not be read because it was created with a different version of iTunes." Luckily iTunes makes automatic backups of the library any time this happens, so I just copied/renamed that one, and it seems to have worked. All my media is still in place, and I'm dragging/dropping files into iTunes. Fingers crossed that something else isn't broken that I just haven't discovered yet...

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