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Do Not Use M Blue

I like many others had a terrible time with M Blue.

I dropped my Galaxy S3 and sent it to them for repairs back in May. I took them 2 months and near constant phone calls for them to 'Fix it' and send it back to me. (They claimed that they couldn't get compatible parts as I've seen with many others who have posted comments about them).

When I got it back the display still didn't work. I sent it back the next day.

They then claimed I'd opened the device (worn screws was the excuse) and it wasn't working because of something that I'd done because they had 'tested' it before sending it back(which clearly wasn't the case).

Further they then claimed that that the screen they had replaced was now damaged and they couldn't refund me because they couldn't send the screen back for them to get a refund) and also give me back my device (??).

After many phone calls and nearly another month they agreed to pay me back some of the money and return my device.

I got the device back but no money.

After 3 weeks phoning I finally only got my money refunded (they kept saying it had been done by their 'accounts department' and I should wait a few days - strangely enough when I asked for the dates it had been done they never had that information to hand and assured me they were not that type of company).

I believe I only got my money back because I informed then that I used to live only a mile away from them and I still knew people in the area that could go to their office on my behalf to collect the money.

I got my device analyzed by a different company - they had damaged the motherboard so that it no longer connected to the LCD/Digitizer and the screen that didn't work actually does now that I have a new motherboard.

Jokes on them because I managed to get a spares and repairs motherboard for 50 and fixed the device with the display they had assured me didn't work so I got the whole thing fixed cheaper (by myself) than if they had done a proper job - but I had to go through 3 months of pain to get my device back.

NEVER EVER USE THESE PEOPLE they aren't honest, they don't know what they are doing and they will further damage your device as in my case.
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