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iTunes still thinks those songs are on your iPod. It's annoying but here's what to do. First switch over to manually manage music on the Summary tab (iPod plugged in the tabs are across the top it's the first one). You will need to temporarily switch to manual.

On the left where it says Devices, to the left of "your iPod" click the little triangle so it faces down and the playlists are showing. Click on the top one Music it lists all the songs on your iPod. ( you seem to have already got this far)

Now select the songs you wish to recopy. Either use a combination of Shift-Click or Cntrl-Click ( I think it's Opt click on a Mac) OR click on Select All on the edit menu to remove all the songs from your iPod to get a clean sync. Then click Edit Delete.

Switch back to Auto-sync as manual is NOT the reccomended way to sync music you will run into problems and also the album art doesn't sync in manual.

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