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I know this is an old thread, but I needed the answer and found it. The OP did a good job with the squealing description. I believe it is from wifi interference when using a wifi enabled ipod or iPhone. I use Pandora and it was annoying. I even bought a dock extension cord (to get my iphone away from the dock) to see if that would get rid of it and it didn't - still the annoying squeal. Someone gave me a bluetooth dock adapter, so that I could link up to the dock via bluetooth. This is the one I think I have:
(you'll have to search, since I just joined, I can't link)
search "bluewave bluetooth audio receiver"
But there seem to be many others:
search "TekuOne wireless bluetooth receiver"

The problem is that these won't work right away with the first get Sound Dock since Apple changed the power pin along the way, so you need to get an adapter that allows the power to get to the bluetooth adapter: search "Sosche iPod charging adapter for new iPod"

I happened to have this Sosche adapter so I really didn't spend any money to make this work but just wanted to post that the annoying squeal is gone.
You end up with two little stacked dongles sitting in your dock but it works.

My feeling is that it is better to re-use, revive rather than throw out.
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