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Most worrying, one fellow claimed smartplaylists depending on playcount and last played are broken unless you turn off crossfade???
I noticed that when I first installed iTunes 11 that playcounts were not updating but didn't have time to look at it. Since reading this I tested it and can confirm on a Mac that playcounts are broken with Crossfade on. I turned it off then had to pause and restart the music before playcounts started working again.

I installed it as soon as it came out yet I haven't played around much with iTunes 11 yet. I don't mind trying new releases of software to see what's new. Even if it is broken I'll take my chances and give it a try. But as with any major update I'll image my drive just in case.

I been playing around with the views, I don't mind them, but I seem to keep going back to my regular column browser view in the Songs section.

The main reason I was looking forward to this update was for iCloud syncing of the bookmarks on my Audible audiobooks between my iPhone and iPad. With a few quick tests this feature seems to be working pretty good. But as with any other iCloud syncing its hard to tell when or if it has synced up.

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