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Just installed on my netbook that has a "disposable" small subset of my main library. Figure I'll let others beta test it for a week or so before doing my main PC with the full library. Mainly want to wait out the inevitable bugs on a major version change, but also wanted to look at the user interface first.

I normally use a list view sorted by "Album by Artist Year", with cover art visible in the lower left corner. I have the browser at the top with genre/Artist/Album.

You can change the defaults to get this view except for the cover art display in the lower left.
- Select "Songs" in the buttons across the top
- under the new menu pull-down upper left corner, select "Show Menu Bar" to make things easier
- Under the View menu, select "Show Sidebar" to get the source/playlist column on the left

I find it a pain to not have any way to make the artwork visible in this view, but otherwise can live with the new user interface. The Album & Artist view a the top is kinda/sort of interesting (like Coverflow), but I'll never really use them (like Coverflow).

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