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iTunes 11: tips and tricks

Ok after midnight in euroland- have a backup of iTunes 10.7, just backed up my iPhone 4 through iTunes AND the cloud. Will back up my library tomorrow and ONLY THEN install iTunes 11.

Thought to start a thread to deal with bugs and issues, new features, figuring out if old features are hidden or gone for good (like iTunes dj and coverflow not a biggie for me but...).

Have read on other forums some old features are turned off by default and you have to dig a bit to get them back (status bar, list view). Most worrying, one fellow claimed smartplaylists depending on playcount and last played are broken unless you turn off crossfade??? WTF??? I asked others there to confirm-and will check myself tomorrow and this weekend.

So hopefully some of you vets can contribute and we can get a bunch of good info together for the noobs.
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