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Originally Posted by snuggles75 View Post
... and because I'm not linked up to her library I can sync without wiping everything off.
By the sounds of it, her iPod is already in manually manage mode. If you're "not linked to her library" as you say, then connecting her Nano to your library would give you a warning if it was not already in manual mode. Keep in mind that you still see a "Sync" button in iTunes even if the iPod is in manual mode, and clicking it will really not do anything to an iPod in manual mode, even if connecting to a different library.

Originally Posted by snuggles75 View Post
I don't want to wipe anything off. You mention a manual change i iTunes. How do I do that?
If you have already connected her Nano to your iTunes and clicked the Sync button, and the Nano still has content, then by definition it is already in manual mode (otherwise you would have been warned that it belongs to a different library, and likely erased if you proceeded with the Sync). At this point you're free to add content from your library to the Nano by dragging and dropping songs and/or playlists from your library to the Nano's name on the left side of iTunes.

If your goal is to extract your sister's content from the Nano, then take a look at this iLounge article:
Copying Content from your iPod to your Computer - The Definitive Guide | iLounge Article

Good luck, and welcome to iLounge!
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