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Originally Posted by Cold Irons View Post
Make one smart playlist for your non-techno (Genre -is not- techno). This will be automatically updated as you add songs.

Make a 2nd manual playlist where you collect the few techno songs that you want on the nano. You'll have to manually take care of putting songs into this list as you want.

Sync these 2 playlists to your nano.

P.S. Cannot imagine why you mess around with keeping thing is specific operating system folders - completely unnecessary.
I can't remember why I don't have my music in the iTunes folder. I've had an iPod since the first model, and that's how I set it up for a specific reason/s. But I can't remember why anymore haha. But I did have a good reason. It had something to do with me not wanting iTunes to manage my songs. Not sure the reason.

Thanks for the help. That's a start, I'm looking for a method to prevent the creation of a manual list.

I may do it by ratings, rate all the techno a star, and create a smart list to only have music w/out a rating. That requires me to rate things. There must be an easier way. We'll see.

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